1-channel analog input terminal 4

20 mA, single-ended, 16?bit, HART, Ex i

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The ELX318x analog input terminal allows the direct connection of intrinsically safe HART-capable field devices located in hazardous areas classified Zone 0/20 or 1/21. It supplies measuring transducers located in the field and transmits their analog measuring signals electrically isolated to the automation device. Overload and open-circuit detection are signaled by the error LEDs, furthermore LEDs inform about the status of the HART communication and signal any communication errors. The EtherCAT Terminal indicates the signal state by means of light emitting diodes.

The HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) enables two-way communication through digital data transfer via the analog 4…20 mA wiring. In this way, in addition to the analog current signal, further data can be exchanged with the field device via the superimposed digital signal.

The HART communication can also be used for the FDT/DTM concept. The TwinCAT FDT container enables the integration of field device DTMs into TwinCAT Engineering, so that the device configuration and diagnostic functions are available directly within the development environment.


Data Sheet: elx318xen


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