2-channel, up/down counter, 24 V DC, 1 kHz, 16 bit counter

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The EL1512 EtherCAT Terminal is an up/down counter and transmits the counter value in an electrically isolated form to the higher-level automation device. When used as a single-channel up/down counter (32-bit), the pulse is set via the clock input; the counting direction is specified via the U/D input. Furthermore, the input can also be used as a gate input for triggering the counter. In 2-counter mode, two separate counters are available (Clock and Clock1 inputs), which can be parameterized as up or down counters. The signal states of the inputs are indicated by light emitting diodes. The EL1512 is particularly suitable for simple counting tasks such as the connection of a flow meter.

Special features:

  • suitable for simple counting tasks with counting frequencies up to 1 kHz, e.g., the connection of a flow meter
  • one up and down counter or two separate up or down counters


Data Sheet: EL15xxen


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