EtherCAT Compact Coupler between EtherCAT Terminals (E-bus) and Bus Terminals (K-bus)

Adapter terminal

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The BK1250 is a Bus Coupler in a terminal housing for mixed use of EtherCAT Terminals and standard Bus Terminals in a bus station. Up to 64 Bus Terminals and one bus end terminal can be connected to a BK1250. The process image of the EtherCAT system is assigned automatically. Up to 255 Bus Terminals can be connected via the K-Bus extension.

Special features:

  • Compact design
  • mixed use of EtherCAT Terminals and Bus Terminals

The system and field supply, each 24 V DC, is provided directly at the BK1250. The attached Bus Terminals are supplied with the current required for communication from the supplied system voltage. The field supply is forwarded to the individual I/O components via the power contacts with up to 10 A. The Bus Terminals are parameterized via ADS through the KS2000 software. Alternatively, the controller (PLC, IPC) can configure the Bus Terminals via PLC function blocks.


Data Sheet: BK1250


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