1-port EtherCAT multi-mode fibre optic junction

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The EK1521 1-port EtherCAT junction with multi-mode fiber-optic connection can be used in an EtherCAT Terminal segment at any position between EtherCAT Terminals and enables configuration of EtherCAT star topologies with 100BASE FX hardware (glass fiber). A modular EtherCAT star hub can be realized by using several EK1521 units in a station.

Special features:

  • connection technology: 1 x multi-mode fiber-optic connection via SC duplex
  • connection lengths: up to 2 km
  • can be used for configuring an EtherCAT star topology

The EK1521 has an SC duplex socket and enables conversion from 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX hardware (glass fiber) in conjunction with an EtherCAT Coupler, e.g., EK1100. Distances of up to 2 km can be reached with the EK1521 and the EK1501 EtherCAT Couplers for multi-mode glass fiber. Even cable redundant systems with optical fiber can be realized using the 1-port EtherCAT fiber-optic junction.


Data Sheet: ek112x_ek15xxen


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