Power supply terminal, 24 V DC/1.0 A, electrically isolated, Ex i

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The ELX9560 power supply terminal generates an electrically isolated output voltage of 24 V EX from an 24 V DC input voltage for supplying downstream ELX terminals. The connected ELX terminals are supplied via the power contacts. The applied voltage and the voltage output at the power contacts are continuously monitored. The operating state of the terminal is indicated by the LEDs and can be read out for diagnostics purposes within the process image of the higher-level control system.

If a new power supply is required, the combination of an ELX9410 and an further power supply terminal of the type ELX9560 can be used so that further ELX terminals can be added. The ELX terminal string must be terminated with one ELX9012 or two ELX9410.


Data Sheet: ELX9560


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