TC3 PLC, platform 20 (Economy)

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  • process image size, flag range, program size, POU size and number of variables are limited only by size of RAM
  • cycle times from 50 µs
  • link time: 1 µs/1000 lines of code (Intel® Core™ i processors)
  • IEC 61131-3: IL, FBD, LD, SFC, ST, CFC
  • object-oriented programming possible
  • online changes in programs and variables
  • online connection with PLC runtime system worldwide via TCP/IP or fieldbus
  • online monitoring of variables in variable lists, watch windows, editors
  • online status and powerflow (accumulator contents) of programs and instances
  • triggering, forcing and setting variables
  • powerful debugging with single cycle, break points, step in, step over, display of the current call stack, watchlist shows selection of variable, trace functions
  • online management of all variable names and structures across the whole system
  • remanent and persistent data, UPS supported storage on hard disk, storage in NOVRAM as option
  • variable reading and writing access via ADS, OPC
  • certified in accordance with PLCopen base level (IL/ST)
  • structured programming with modular program management
  • optional source code storage in the target system
  • convenient library management
  • powerful compiler with incremental compilation for different target systems
  • all common data types, structures, arrays, including multi-dimensional arrays
  • convenient creation of programs with: autoformat, autodeclare, cross-reference, search/replace, project comparison
  • simple linking to source code administration tools by embedding in Microsoft Visual Studio®

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