Profibus DP Adapter FPBA-01 For ACS355 series.

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ABB Drives FPBA-01 Profibus DP Adapter for ACS355, ACSM1, ACH580, ACS850, ACQ810, ACS880 Inverters and DCS880 DC Thytristor Drives. Adds +K454 to the Part Number.
The FPBA-01 Profibus DP Adapter Module is compatible with all master stations that support the Profibus DP-V0 and DP-V1 protocols.

This item fits behind the lower terminal cover into an option slot on the drive control board.  This can be fitted with MTAC-01 MREL-01 Options, but not with the MPOT-01 module.  See linked products below for other drive options.


Data Sheet: Click Here


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