Ferrule Fuse, 10×38, 20A, 500V, GG

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Mersen aM and gG fuse-links cover a wide range of physical sizes and ampere ratings for 400, 500, and 690VAC for protection in electrical distribution circuits and various industrial applications. Most ratings are available in size 8×31 and size 10×38 with an optional indicator, and in size 14×51 and 22×58 with an optional striker to activate an auxiliary contact. Size 10×38 is also available with striker. All cylindrical fuse-links have ceramic bodies and silver-plated contacts. Cylindrical fuse-links “gG” are used for the protection of cables, motors and LV-networks. They limit and cut off unacceptable overcurrents and short-circuit currents up to their nominal breaking capacity. Cylindrical fuse-links “gG” also protect electrical equipment and installations against the dynamic effect of high short-currents. Our technology and process was designed to ensure highly reliable technical performance.

  • Reduced size
  • Visual indication of fuse operation
  • Safest and most reliable protection system
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Voltage Rating: 500V AC

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