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The digital control electronics Type 8605 are used to operate proportional solenoid control valves in a power range from 40-2000 mA. The electronics convert an external standard signal into a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal, which enables infinite adjustment of the opening of the proportional valve and hence a fluidic output parameter (e.g. flow rate). An internal current control with the duty cycle of the PWM signal as an actuating variable ensures that every value of the input signal, irrespective of the thermal state of the coil, is unambiguously assigned a given value of the effective coil current. A display and operating keys allow the electronics to be easily adapted to a particular proportional valve and to the specific conditions of an application. In order to integrate the control unit – and thus also the proportional valve – into a higher-level controller, the CAN-based variant of the control unit (called büS) is required. Parameterisation and configuration of the proportional valve can be performed quickly and easily using the Bürkert Communicator software. Furthermore, the büS control electronics enables the integration of shut-off valves into büS/CAN systems. By using the integrated time control function, a shut-off valve can be opened or closed for a certain period of time. This enables, for example, batch control solutions in filling processes. Optionally, Type 8605 can be equipped with an additional I/O board. This allows the connection of external sensors or switches. The valve behaviour on these input signals can be configured (e.g. 2-point control).

  • Programmable digital electronics
  • Converts an analogue input signal into a PWM output signal
  • Adjustable PWM frequency
  • Digital communication (büS) possible
  • Optional integrated time control and digital/analogue inputs


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