Highly flexible, drag-chain suitable cable with 5 million bending cycles, max. 240 m/min, max. 30 m/s²,

min. bending radius = 38 mm (7 x OD), max. drag-chain length horizontal = 20 m, vertical = 5 m,

(2 x 2 x 0.14 mm²)

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Thermal protection cable, highly flexible, suitable as trailing cable, assembled
at both ends, 4 x 0.14 mm?
The cable is UL and CSA listed.
Highly flexible, suitable as trailing cable (5 million bending cycles), max. 240 m/min, max. 30 m/s?,
min. bending radius = 55 mm (7 x OD), max. trailing length horizontal 20 m, vertical 5 m.
zzz = ordering indication of the length of the thermal protection cable in decimeters, e.g. ZK4540-0020-0070 = 7 m


Data Sheet: zk4540-0020-xxxx


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