ALP94UNI Multi-function Process Control Instrument

Power Supply: 220Vac

Selectable input (Potentiometric, 0..10 VDC or 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA input)

4 x relays Output

1 x 6 digits display

Dimensions : 96×48 mm.

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3 different input options (Universal: Potentiometer, Volt, Amper) High sampling rate 2 different Relay output 6-digit display screen, easy to understand and programmable menu The sensor supply output provides supply voltage for your sensor, used for measuring. 0.1% accuracy Adjustable screen refresh rate and output time Ability to set hysteresis (delay) Tare function (ABS / REL reset) Offset (start) value entry Password protection feature All ATEK products are %100 designed and manufactured completely in Turkey, with years of engineering of ATEK Research and Development team


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